The finest greater amberjack from Mitsumi Suisan

Mitsumi Suisan farms greater amberjack in Tarumizu City, at the foot of Sakurajima in Kagoshima. Kagoshima Prefecture is well known as the largest greater amberjack aquaculture area in Japan. In fact, the average annual water temperature in Kagoshima Bay (Kinko Bay), which is in the southernmost bay of the mainland, is 22 degrees Celsius. It is the perfect environment for cultivating greater amberjack, which prefer warm water. Mitsumi Suisan carefully raises greater amberjack from fry in a large fish cage with lots of deep water, so they grow as healthy as in the wild. We hope you will enjoy our top-quality greater amberjack directly delivered from our farm.

Uncompromising farming

Mitsumi Suisan emphasizes the feeding according to the condition of greater amberjack as it grows. We carefully monitor the size and condition of the fish and select foods with vitamin C and plenty of other nutrients, so they grow into healthy, elegantly flavored, superb greater amberjack.

The careful breeding and thorough quality control that is possible only with aquaculture allows us to deliver high quality greater amberjack for being reliable and safe.

Taste that only Mitsumi Suisan can create

The characteristic of Mitsumi’s greater amberjack is the taste. We have applied for trademark rights for our unique cultivation method of greater amberjack, which achieves a rich umami flavor that can only be created by Mitsumi Suisan through feeding with shochu (distilled spirit) lees.

When we conducted a taste study with the cooperation of a specialized institution, we were able to demonstrate that there is a difference in taste values between Mitsumi fish and other greater amberjack. Compared to other greater amberjack, the umami richness value of Mitsumi’s product is significantly higher, and it retains clear, high-quality meat for a long time. It is hard to find a greater amberjack differentiated by its taste.

Greater amberjack is a perfect dish for special occasions

The finest authentic dishes for your special day
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The finest greater amberjack from Mitsumi Suisan

Greater amberjack, a fish that changes its name as it grows, is known as a lucky, high-class fish. A tasty and auspicious greater amberjack is a perfect dish for special occasions, such as celebrations, family gatherings, also as a gift for loved ones.

Rich in pleasant savory taste and mild flavor

Greater amberjack has a rich flavor and is regarded as much more delicious than tuna in sashimi dishes. Greater amberjack is best served as sashimi because it does not have a strong smell but has a rich flavor. The fresher it is, the richer the fat that melts in your mouth, and the more firmly textured it is. The fish has an elegant flavor that is not too strong, even if you keep eating it.

A multitude of delicious recipes

Compared with other blue-backed fish, greater amberjack has no particular strong flavor but has an elegant taste. That’s why, it can be prepared for many different dishes such as carpaccio, fried, boiled, and grilled fish, as well as sushi and sashimi. Another key factor is that greater amberjack is landed year-round, so that its taste is stable throughout the year. You can get it without worrying about the season.

Refresh your body with rich vitamins and minerals

Cooking is also an important part of our health care. Greater amberjack contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are well known to be effective in the relief of fatigue. In addition, its potassium content, which is effective in preventing high blood pressure, is the highest among all seafood. It also contains DHA and EPA, which can be expected to have the positive effects of preventing dementia and cancer.

Characteristics of Mitsumi’s Greater Amberjack

Feed for Mitsumi greater amberjack is made from a combination of four carefully selected ingredients.

1. Shochu Lees

Contains 17 kinds of free amino acids

2. Manda fermented products

Prevents deterioration of freshness and increases inosinic acid content

3. Perilla

Possible accumulation of α-linolenic acid in fish (currently under experimentation)

4. Feed for fry

Enriched with vitamins and high krill feed

Mitsumi’s commitment to the quality of greater amberjack Fish meat quality

Maintains clear meat (especially, the reddish color near the spine) for a long time!!

We feed the fish with four kinds of carefully selected raw materials to achieve the beautiful fish meat that maintains the red color of the part near the spine for a long time!!We are trying to develop a reputation for the unprecedented taste of farmed fish!We were just getting started, but when we compared our greater amberjack with others,there was a difference in the taste value indicators!

Producer's Voice

“Try the greater amberjack fresh-caught this morning”

Kagoshima Bay (Kinko Bay) has the perfect environment for healthy fish growth with deep water and the optimal sea water temperature. We check on the condition of the fish every day and feed them our own special feed using shochu lees to keep them in good physical condition. The pride of Mitsumi Suisan Greater Amberjack, which are carefully raised with a lot of time and effort, is their taste. This is what we are proud of. We want you to enjoy our finest greater amberjack, which we have raised with care, in the freshest condition. We strictly select only the best greater amberjack with fatty meat and ship them as soon as they are caught in the morning. Enjoy the delicious Superb Greater Amberjack with outstanding freshness at home.

We start work at our fish farm while the sun rises in the dark sky. We feed the fish Mitsumi Suisan original food and check the condition of fish. The first priority is to keep our greater amberjack in good physical condition.

Kagoshima Bay has deep and abundant water and is an ideal environment for the cultivation of greater amberjack.
We lovingly raise our fish in thewild environment at the foot of Sakurajima, an active volcano.

The super fresh greater amberjack are shipped directly from the sea,so they are extremely fresh.
Please enjoy the fresh and delicioustexture of greater amberjack at home.